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Customize Amazon Cognito UI


Running App Example

Example of running App with customized Amazon Cognito: This App front-end is based on GatsbyJS/React components.

You can try to Sign Up and Sign In, it will need valid Phone Number and E-Mail Address.

Screen Shot 2020 05 16 at 12 50 19 PM


Add Cognito

Add Amazon Cognito support to your App by using Amplify CLI from your App directory as follow:

prompt$ cd app-directory

prompt$ amplify add auth 
(just try default options for now)

prompt$ amplify push 
(pushing your Cognito configuration to AWS back-end using CloudFormation. Cognito User Pools and configuration will be created)

:root {
  --themeColor: darkslateblue;
  --hoverColor: rgb(105, 95, 171); 
  --amplify-primary-color: darkslateblue;
  --amplify-primary-tint: rgb(39, 39, 151); 
  --amplify-primary-shade: rgb(105, 95, 171);

The three CSS custom variables above (--amplify-primary-color, --amplify-primary-tint, and --amplify-primary-shade) overrides default (orange) colors from Amplify/Cognito libraries. Check this page for complete list of customizable CSS variables:


import "../components/layout.css"
import { AmplifyAuthenticator, AmplifySignOut, AmplifySignIn, AmplifySignUp } from '@aws-amplify/ui-react'

return (
  {/* <AmplifySignIn headerText="Customize Sign-In Text Here" slot="sign-in" />
  <AmplifySignUp headerText="Customize Sign-Up Text Here" slot="sign-up" /> */}
  <form id="postblogform" onSubmit={handleSubmit(onSubmit)}>
  <input type="text" placeholder="Post Title" name="posttitle" ref={register({required: "POST TITLE REQUIRED", minLength: {value: 5, message: "TOO SHORT"}})}/><br/>{errors.posttitle && <p>{errors.posttitle.message}</p>}

    <textarea placeholder="Post Content" name="postcontent" rows="10" cols="100" ref={register({required: "POST CONTENT REQUIRED", minLength: {value: 10, message: "TOO SHORT"}})}/> <br/>{errors.postcontent && <p>{errors.postcontent.message}</p>}

    <button style={{"float": "left"}} type="submit" className="btn">Submit <MdSend className="btn-icon"/></button><br/>

Import the CSS file where we define the customization colors earlier with import "../components/layout.css". Also import Amazon Cognito UI components from @aws-amplify/ui-react: import { AmplifyAuthenticator, AmplifySignOut, AmplifySignIn, AmplifySignUp } from '@aws-amplify/ui-react'.

We can then call the Amplify UI Components from the return statement of the application: <AmplifyAuthenticator>, <AmplifySignIn>, <AmplifySignUp>, and <AmplifySignOut>.

We can also customize the headerText for both <AmplifySignIn>, and <AmplifySignUp> components.


As you can see, adding Authentication, Sign Up, Sign In, and Sign Out is very easy with Amazon Cognito. AWS handles the backend heavy-lifting to store your user information, SMS/E-Mail based verification, Passwords policy and much more, Happy Coding!

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