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Permanent Residency Process

01 October, 2012

Akhirnya proses permanent residency dimulai. Lawfirm yang dipake Ericsson adalah Berry Appleman & Leiden ( Let's…

Me on SWA Magazine - Indonesian Diaspora

05 September, 2012

My friend Pyuth posted this on twitter: I was surprised because I didn't remember any of this before…

TSP of 5 Cities

30 June, 2012

Just doing my homework, this is the result: The code inside is stupid...but since I code it only in…

Interesting Problem in Graph Theory

27 June, 2012

One of my homework problem for SYSM6302: Dynamics of Complex Networks and Systems, where we review basics of Graph Theory: Here is a diagram…

Live Streaming #googleio2012 #io12

27 June, 2012

Yeah!!! Jellybean, sweet..... Image

One More Interesting Problem (Still from Basic Graph Theory)

27 June, 2012

Suppose that you and your spouse/partner attended a party with three other couples. Several handshakes took place. None shook hands with him…