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Chasing for Dream

26 July, 2007

Currently on the process of pursuing my postponed dream-workplace. Wish me luck!!

Configuring Multi Area OSPF

24 July, 2007

Objective: configure multiarea OSPF operation, interarea summarization, external route summarization and default routing. Topology: Configs…

Configuring OSPF Virtual Link

24 July, 2007

Objective configure an OSPF virtual link so that a disconnected area can reach the backbone as required by OSPF. Topology Configs Gateway…

Configuring OSPF Stub and Totally Stub Area

24 July, 2007

Objective configure ospf stub area (filter type 5 LSA E1 and E2 from populating stub area's router routing table) configure ospf totally…

Configuring OSPF NSSA

24 July, 2007

Obejctive: Configure OSPF NSSA in order to import external routing information while retaining the benefits of a stub area. You want to make…

Hello world!

16 March, 2007

Welcome to my blog. This is my first post. My last blog is gone!! So, here's the new one. Cheers-